Learn about the name on your HeroBracelet.

One of the things we wanted to do with this project was to bring people closer to those who have given their lives in war. I remember when Nightline was pulled from the air for reading their names on national TV. I thought this did a great disservice to the men and women who had died in Iraq. I wanted to help build connections between those who have lost all, with those back home.

This has proven to be very true. I saw firsthand when my wife was wearing one at work and a total stranger asked her what it was. As she explained that this name was a real soldier that had lost his life at only 20 years old, they both cried right there for a young man they would never meet.

Well, we get a lot of email from people wanting to know how to learn about the name on their HeroBracelet. There are several resources, but the one we most often send people to is www.fallenheroesmemorial.com.

This Web site has posted a page for every member of the armed services that has lost their life in the war. Each page has entries from friends and family. Many HeroBracelet wearers have posted to say they are carrying the memory with them, even though they had never met. In turn, we've heard from parents and spouses, thankful that there are total strangers out there who took the time to care.

Take a few moments and go to www.fallenheroesmemorial.com