50 HeroBracelets for the family.

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It has been a little over a month since our son, LCPL Charles K. Abernathy Jr, was deployed to Iraq. He is stationed at Al Asad with 3rd Marine Air Wing, Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD).

We have ordered and received close to 50 Hero Bracelets. Friends, family, coworkers saw them and loved them. We hear from him about once a week by phone or an occasional email. HE seems to be doing well considering the circumstances. Being today is September 11, 2006, it brings a special meaning to the Abernathy family. I am a firefighter at a refinery in Texas City and it makes it so special with my son helping to defend our freedom.

LCPL Charles K. Abernathy Jr in IraqPeople who know "Chase" ask about him daily and continue to pray for him and his fellow troops. The Hero bracelets help to keep everything that we go through on a daily basis in perspective. I don't complain about the "Texas heat". Or having something not go just the way I think it should. We as a family will now always be a Military family and will support our Commander in Chief and our Military for the rest of our lives. He should be home around the end of March but we fully expect him to have to stay longer. He will be home when he gets home is the attitude we are using. So if he comes home at the end of March, it will be that much better. Thanks to all the people across America who pray for our Troops wherever they are stationed. They are ALL a part of the team and ALL are necessary, regardless of their job.


C.K. Abernathy