Thank you for the great memorial bracelets.

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This is a letter from Anna Shellmaker.



I want to thank you for the great memorial bracelets. I personally don't know anyone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, but I really wanted to do something to show I care about the guys over there fighting. I ordered one of your memorial bracelets and you sent me a bracelet with the name of SGT Terry Lisk. I've been wearing his bracelet for almost a year now and I will continue to do so. I almost feel like he is a friend I never got to make. I'm not much of the praying type, but I do say a little prayer for his family every so often. This little memorial bracelet means the world to me.

I've had a lot of conversations with people about my memorial bracelet. People will ask me about it and I tell them the story about HeroBracelets and what I've learned about SGT Lisk from searching on the web. Some people are amazed that I'm wearing a memorial bracelet for someone I never met, but most people understand completely.

I guess if I could do anything, it's to let SGT Lisk's friends and family know that there are people out there who never met him, but want to keep his memory alive. Thank's HeroBracelets for making this possible. You're doing a good thing and doing it very well.

Anna Shellma