Military Order of the Purple Heart get's a great gift.

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Because the staff here at HeroBracelets all have day jobs at an ad agency, we had an interesting opportunity recently. We have been working with a company called Mobile Armor to rework their  Web site and marketing materials. They produce software to protect laptops and PDA's from file theft. For instance, a Vet's Administration laptop was stolen last yea and millions of medical records were on the laptop. The thief probably had no idea, but it cost the VA an estimated $50 million to clean up the issues. Mobile Armor would have prevented any problems. The thief would have never been able to use the laptop or the flies on it.

Mobile Armor has been chosen my many government agencies to protect data from theft and was actually founded as a result of 9/11. The founder wanted to do something to help protect America from future attacks, and being the software guy that he was, he used his talents to make a difference.

So we suggested that Mobile Armor do something to help American Veterans  as well. They loved the idea right away and have chosen to give $1 from every seat sold to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. We're thrilled to see this, and I think it could be a huge benefit to our combat wounded vets. Thanks Mobile Armor! If you're company would like to do the same thing, let us know. We'd love to do what we can to make it happen. Just a small change to your business practices could make a huge difference to people who really deserve it.

Here's the press release that just came out from MOPH.

Mobile Armor to Donate Percentage of Revenue to Military Order of the Purple Heart

Mobile Data Security Provider Pledges Percentage of Licensing Revenue from Government Contracts to Help Combat Wounded Veterans

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mobile Armor, a leading provider of mobile data and asset protection, today announced it will donate a percentage of the licensing revenue it receives from federal, state and local government contracts to the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), which directly benefits combat wounded veterans and their families. Mobile Armor, which was formed in large part as a response to the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the vulnerabilities they exposed, has pledged to donate $1 to the MOPH for every new seat license sold during the next year.

"To a great extent, the government provides for the needs of all American veterans who have served in defense of America. Our organization complements these efforts by honoring, providing services to, and fostering camaraderie for combat veterans who have fought for this country on battlefields across the world," said Robert Lichtenberger, Board Member and Past National Commander for the Military Order of the Purple Heart. "We are incredibly grateful for Mobile Armor's generosity, as it will be of great value in enabling our organization to help those who have served this country with honor."

The MOPH, formed in 1932, benefits members of the U.S. Armed Forces that have been wounded in battle. Financial donations are used to fund a variety of veterans programs related to medical treatment, rehabilitation and academic scholarships.

"The commitment and sacrifice demonstrated by the U.S. troops that have stood on the front lines defending this country are immeasurable," said Chand Vyas, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Armor. "We're honored to assist the Military Order of the Purple Heart in its efforts to support these courageous men and women."

For more information on the Military Order of the Purple Heart or to make a donation, visit: or call 888-668-1656.

About Military Order of the Purple Heart

The Military Order of the Purple Heart was founded in 1932, and its mission is to foster an environment of goodwill and camaraderie among combat wounded veterans, promote patriotism, support necessary legislative initiatives, and most importantly, provide service to all veterans and their families.

About Mobile Armor

Privately held, Mobile Armor is a St. Louis based leading provider of Enterprise Mobile Data Security. Mobile Armor develops and markets the next-generation software suite that enables dynamic organizations to fully protect their critical electronic assets. Mobile Armor's solution has been certified to meet the standards and guidelines for security set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, an agency of the United States Governme