A POW bracelet story.

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My father served, proudly, in the Navy for 28 years.  Means that I grew up with a deep respect for our country and those who serve to protect it.  When I graduated high school in 1985 we moved from Italy back to the US - to Tampa, Florida.  They have air shows on MacDill Air Force base every year where they sell tons of military memorabilia.  I came across a bin of POW bracelets and dug through to pick a name by branch of service and date they were put on record as MIA/POW - pretty simple, huh?

The name on the bracelet is Capt. Charles L. Putnam.  I've learned a little about him.  He was a pilot and went down with his plane trying to draw fire away from others - keeping them safe.  He was originally on the MIA list, but later changed to POW and now has his name inscribed on the wall in DC.

I wore the bracelet faithfully until 2002 when my daughter used it as a teething ring at a restaurant and it was lost.  Thankfully, I came across the herobracelet site and was able to re-order the bracelet with Capt. Charles Putnam's name on it.  Since then it has not left my wrist.  It's nice to know that a site is out there to order specific bracelets with very personal names on them.  Everyone should know about it!

Cori McKe