My father, My hero.

My hero is my father George Stephens. As a young guy of 18 right out of High

School he joined the United States Army Air Corp and was trained as an

aerial gunner in heavy and medium bombers eventually doing duty in A-20

Havocs and A-26 Invaders. He was of the generation that fought the dictators

of the world as much for American freedom and values as to defend the

freedoms and independence of peoples around the world who were in danger of

losing theirs. He grew up in the Great Depression in rural New Mexico on a

small ranch often doing without and as the oldest boy helping out as much as

a kid could in those days. Like many of his age he never stopped working and

firmly believed in self-reliance and personal responsibility. Although he

passed away in 1991 I still find myself wishing that I could tell him about

something I have seen or done, especially in the Army, or sharing some funny

story or news event. I am as successful as I am because of the standard he

set for me and I am always measuring my actions against what I think he

would have done. Our Heros are what we judge ourselves against and what we

aspire to be ourselves in the hard times of life. Given that definition, my

father is without a doubt a hero to me and worthy of all my respect and


SFC Scott Stephens

Operations NCO

New Mexico National Guard

FT Bliss,