My hero is Kevin F. Sheehan

Hello my hero is Kevin F. Sheehan

When i hear the name Kevin I think Friend Uncle great fathers and hero.

He was my hero long before the dreadful day. He was 11 years older then me and i always looked up to him I remember one time when i was about 9 years old we went to my uncles camp in Vermont with my Dad brother John aunt Heather and uncle Kevin it was still really cold out but the boys were going to take a Bath in the pond seeing them in there i of course had to go to. I went in the cold water with them and felt so good cause i was with them. When i was in Fifth grade Kevin went to boot camp i missed him so much and would write him all the time looking foward to his letters back. I still have the letters he sent me. My freshman year my brother commited suicide my uncle was at guards and came right home to us grabbing me and holding me hê helped me through a very hard time when i needed him hê was always there. Hê was so proud when i graduated hê had just become a Dad for the first time hê had me comè spend a week with them before i went to College i got to spend time with him and just loved it. Many times i got to call him and get advice. When 911 happened i knew life would never be the same! The day i got the call saying hê was going to war i joked with him about braking his leg so hê could not go. If i only knew that would be the last time i saw him alive i may of done it. I lost not only a great uncle but a great friend to.. His son Nathaniel is a spitting image of his Dad his daughter also so much like her daddy i tell them storys about Kevin everytime i see them. I miss him so mu