Our Hero is Pastor Jan Koczera

Dear Sir:

Our Hero is Pastor. Jan Koczera. He is our Assistant Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square, NJ and a Chaplain in the NJ National Guard. He is currently stationed at Fort Bliss TX and will be deployed to Iraq in September. This is his second tour of duty in Iraq. He has given our congregation so much in the way of leadership, sermons and outreach ministries that we chose the Hero Bracelets as a way to honor him for his service to us and our country. The bracelets will also serve to remind us to pray for his safety on a daily basis.

What I would like to do is wait until we receive the bracelets and they have been distributed before I write our story. I'd also like to include a photo of the congregation wearing the bracelets along with a photo of Pastor Jan.

Please reply to me instead of Carol LaPlante at the First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square, NJ as I have been the catalysts for this mission. On a side note, I was worried I wouldn't sell 100! WOW! I'm overwhelmed by the support I have received. Knowing that $2 from each sale goes to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund was another reason to order through herobracelets.org. Thank you for your serve to our national heroes!

Sincerely yours,

Donna M. Thomas