My hero 1st is my son Sgt John Steadman Jr.

My hero 1st is my son Sgt John Steadman jr,He just got back from Afganistan 3 months ago and had been there 15 months. He left behind a large family including a wife ,2 small sons and a daughter. He got ambushed more than once, shot out all the time, food wasnt so good. He had health problems but had to suffer thru them until he came back to the states and is still waiting for them to be taken care of. The Hero bracelet I got was for the soldier from Johns unit that we lost 11-10-07. I wear it to honor him. I wear it so people will ask me what it is. I remember when I was young the POW and MIA bracelets, I want other people to remember that there are soldiers fighting overseas every day sacrificing their familys and lives for this country. I think sometimes if you dont have a family member in the service you forget about the soldiers. I wear my bracelet so they wont. Of course the main Heroes are all of our men and women who serve our country. No matter the politics in this country the soldiers need support from all of us the goverment cant and wont do it all so communities need to step up and take the lead. thanks I am Vicki Layne the proud mom of a Army sold