Our hero, Cpl. Jimmy L. Shelton

Our hero is Cpl. Jimmy L. Shelton. Jimmy was KIA in FOB Summerall, Bayji Iraq 12/3/05. He joined the Army to go get the bad guys. He believed he could make a difference....and he did. Jimmy was a genuine person with so many friends. He was the type of friend that was always there. He was the kind of son that made us so very proud of him. He was always making us laugh. At his graduation he wore under his gown the Garfield pajamas that he made in home-ec. He also learned how to make the best peanut butter pie in home-ec. He sold them to raise money for his senior trip to Germany. Jimmy love his Lord and Savior. Jimmy was a special person that was given to us for a time not long enough. How we long for him to be with us.

Because of Jimmy we discovered Herobracelets.org because we bought them to wear when he left to serve. Then we had to order the black ones once he wasn't coming home to us. We are always buying more because everyone wants them so we give them to them right off of our arms and then have to replace them.

Thank you for offering a product that keeps my special son close by me all day (on my wrist).

Our other son is currently serving in Iraq. He is our hero too. All the troops are our heroes!

I know you help many others.


Billi-Jo Shel