Our son, our hero. Spec. Kevin Luna.


Kevin was the oldest of my three sons and was almost nineteen when he

enlisted in the Army. After boot camp he was stationed in Germany and was

assigned to the 1st Battalion, 63rd Armor Division, ( THE BIG RED ONE). When

he wasn't being deployed he belonged to a volunteer Fire Department in the

city of Weiden where he lived. The volunteers were responsible for eight

villages, including his in case of a fire. He also liked sports, playing

football in high school and played on a softball team while stationed there

in Germany.

He also picked up the German language very quickly and wherever he was

deployed picked up their native languages as well. People were drawn to

Kevin, because he never judged a person and always accepted people for who

they were and people felt that from him. This was very evident after his

death when all eight villages, plus others honored our son Kevin with a

procession of fire trucks to the local church in the city of Weiden where

they held a mass for him. While I visited him in Germany it was evident to

me that he was very well liked by many where he lived. Some of his German

friends had told me that he knew more people then they did and they lived

there, their whole lives.

His loss on January 27th, 2005, in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, for many that knew him

has been heart wrenching, one that many still have not quite accepted yet

and have a hard time believing that his great big beautiful smile and laugh

are gone forever. It has truly been my honor and privilege to have had him

in my life for twenty-six wonderful years. He had an extrodinary gift for

touching peoples lives. God has truly blessed us with this man, son,

father, friend, and brother whom will be solely missed by all who knew him

and loved him.

Proud mother of a Fallen Hero & Patriot,

(Spec. Kevin Luna)

Theresa L