My son, my hero. LCPL Orin M. Santini

on-the-way-to-iraq.jpgorin-all-grown-up.jpgorin3.jpgI would first like to thank all of you for the work that you are doing!! I ordered bracelets for my family as soon as I heard about them. My son, LCPL Orin M. Santini, is a 21 year old Marine. Orin joined the Marines when he was 17 and left for boot camp shortly after he graduated from high school, in Cody, Wy. Seeing your son leave, knowing that he could go to war, and knowing that it was entirely his choice, is one of the hardest things a mother will ever go through. My son has trained in weapons, humvey driving, and has had the opportunity to train in several other feilds. My son served his first tour in Iraq in 2007 and is currently serving a second tour. He has seen things that I wish he had never seen and I hope that he will always be the loving, caring, funny man that he was before he joined the Marines. I pray daily that my son and all others will come home safely!!! Again, thank you for helping us to be able to show our love and support for those we love and honor the most!!! God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever grateful, April Martinelli,

The mother of LCPL Orin M. Sant