Silver soldier bracelets.

Got a very nice letter from Michigan.


I wanted to thank HeroBracelets for my sterling silver deployed soldier bracelets. They arrived today and we’re thrilled. Our nephew is currently serving in Iraq and we think about him every day. We saw one of your bracelets recently and thought it would be a great thing to wear while he is serving. We liked the bronze colored deployed bracelets, but when we saw the silver bracelets, we knew we wanted those. They are really beautiful. The silver is thick and strong and the design is very nice. We love the hand lettering on the face of the bracelet. Many people have asked about them since we got them and we get a chance to talk about our nephew each time. It’s truly a wonderful way to remind us how much he is doing for his country right now. Thank you HeroBracelets.

Marcus and Lillian Sev