A Christmas Tree for my boys in Afghanistan.

[caption id="attachment_2833" align="alignright" width="188" caption="Christmas Tree sent to soldiers in Afghanistan"]Christmas Tree sent to soldiers in Afghanistan[/caption]

My son and several adopted sons are in Afghanistan with the Georgia National Guard  48th Brigade 1/121st Infantry. This is their 2nd deployment the 1st being in Iraq. I have sent him a Christmas tree in anticipation of Christmas and being able to enjoy the Christmas spirit a little. Each deployment I have had friends help donate items and we have literally sent them a boot stocking that matches their uniform with overflowing goodies to open up on Christmas morning. In Iraq my son returned from his R & R just in time for Christmas Eve. His group was out on a mission so he was able to put each of their stockings on their bunk... so that Santa had truly come to see them when they returned. I can not tell you how many of these soldiers were like little kids when they wrote me telling me thank you for making it seem a little more like Christmas. Once again the "boot" stockings are on their way to be given out by my son on Christmas eve if they are back from their mission in time. I have attached my son's picture of his little "Afghanistan" style Christmas tree. Gob Bless my son SGT Brandon C. Watkins and all the other brave soldiers wherever they are this Christmas season away from home protecting us and carrying out their duty.

Terri Watkins

Army Georgia National Guard Mom

48th Brigade 1/121st Infantry

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