Vote for Operation Gratitude in the "Pepsi Refresh Project"

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Vote for Operation Gratitude in the

"Pepsi Refresh Project"

$50,000 Category

Everyday through March!

Pepsi is giving away over $1.3 Million this year through monthly online voting contests.

Operation Gratitude is vying for one of the $50,000 grants during the month of March.

Voting starts today and lasts through March 31.  Help us send 100,000 Care Packages to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq this year by voting for Operation Gratitude every day.

It's easy--just follow these instructions and share this with everyone you know!

Here's what you do:

1. Go to the website:

2. On the lower left corner of your screen, there is a little box that says:

Welcome!  Sign In/Join Refresh Everything

3. If this is your first time voting, click on Join Refresh Everything

4. A window will pop-up inviting you to register with the following fields:

First Name

Last Name

Email address

Password (you can and should use a different password on this contest than you do to sign in to your

actual email account),

Retype Password

Birth Date

Prove that you are not a robot (enter the letters/numbers you see in the image)

Click: Done

5. Once you are signed in, the Voting Page will appear.

A. If you are on the Operation Gratitude page, Click: Vote for This Idea.

B. If you are on the Main Page of the site:

1. CLICK ON THE $50,000 TAB

2.  Scroll down until you see the box with the Operation Gratitude Logo and the words "Send

100,000 Care Packages to troops deployed in Afghanistan this year"

3. Click: Vote for This Idea

6.  After you vote, the site will thank you and give you the opportunity to post your vote on Facebook and/or Twitter: If you are on either of those social networks, please post your vote with a reminder to your friends and followers to vote too!

7. If you have multiple email addresses, each email can vote once a day (you will need to register each email using the above procedure).

8. You only need to register one time per email address.  Each day after, you can just Sign In on the lower left corner of the screen using your email address and password.

9. You do NOT need to join Facebook, Twitter or any other social network--you can vote directly from the site.  However, if you are on Facebook, you can vote from Facebook too and post your vote to your Wall: http://www/

10. For those of you who use AOL software as your browser: The Refresh Everything page loads very slowly through AOL.  You might find it easier to register and vote using Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

11. Calendar a daily reminder to yourself to VOTE EVERY DAY through March 31!

12. Please pass this around to ALL your contacts, friends, followers, co-workers, colleagues, etc. and urge them to vote everyday too.  This is an important grant for us to win.

We must finish in the top 10 to win the $50,000.

Thank you for all your great support!!  Help us put smiles on the faces of our heroes in harm's way this ye