My Heroes

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Dear HeroBracelets,

Thanks for the heads up.

I don't have a particular hero. I get my bracelets for guys and gals that I read about, or are Marines or were local or share a birthday. I also get random ones and then learn about them.

I wear 2 and rotate them whenever.

It's important to wear the bracelets. Everyone of those guys/gals was an American, a son or a daughter with dreams and loves, plans and desires. They will never know those dreams in this life. They knew the risks, they asked to go into the military. And they paid, paid with their lives, their loves, their hopes, their very being.

That's why we must remember them and cherish their sacrifice and and honor their courage. Their stories must be told and taught.

Like the Holocaust, as long as we remember them, they live on.


Anthony Sto