SGT Richard Orengo

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My name is SFC Ramos a platoon sergeant assigned to the 511th Military Police Company, 91st MP BN, 16th MP BDE. During the past 17 years active duty and 6 years National Guard service . I have deploy in support of full expectrum operations to included Dessert Storm, Kosovo, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. During this whole time I have see the devotion of many service members and their commitment to peace and sacrifice. From my wife Tami that deploy to Iraq as a member of the Army Reserve to the sacrifice made by brave man like SGT Richard Orengo an MP KIA in Iraq while serving as a member of the Puerto Rico National Guard. His sacrifice touch me because I meet him briefly during my deployment to Kosovo in 1999. He was a funny guy that care for others and work as a police officer protecting the people from Puerto Rico as a member of a SWAT team. Went he was killed in 2003 the moral went down because Richard was not longer with us. But as the time pass we realize that we are lucky to have people like him willing to sacrifice their life so we and other people can be free. Now I am not longer the squad leader that lead young men like Richard into combat but I can use the bracelet to keep his memory alive and keep vigilance for those still serving overseas. My family is unique because we all serve or have serve in combat. Went Christmas come we put pictures of Soldiers still missing overseas. Because for them there is not going to be a holiday. What only a small percent of Americans will always know is that we the happy few fought hard for each other. One day  in many centuries in the future people will talk about the American Soldiers that travel across the ocean to liberated those oppress. I would like to also include SFC Carlos Meth a Soldier assigned to Special Forces that die in a airborne accident. He serve not only the people of USA and Iraq but also the people from Peru. While he was assigned there he used to give his money to help the poor. That all

SFC Edwin Ramos

Platoon Sergeant

3rd Plt, 511th Military Police Comp