HeroBracelets supporting the 1-8 Bravo Company Family Readiness Group.

We're proud to be able to support the 1-8 Bravo Company FRG! Now when you roder a HeroBracelet, you can select the 1-8 FRG to receive $2.00 per HeroBracelet. Thank you for your generous support of Bravo Company.  Since the War on Terror began in 2003, Bravo Company has deployed three separate times in support of the effort and is currently engaged in their fourth deployment.  They have served fearlessly and honorably when called to duty.

This Family Readiness Group’s mission is to help Army families be better informed and supported while their husband or son is serving in Bravo Company.  We support our soldiers while they are home with monthly homecooked meals for the entire Company.  We send monthly care packages to every soldier in the Company while they are deployed so that everyone feels supported.  We continue activities for the children and wives back home at Fort Carson, CO while the soldiers are deployed to encourage friendship and support amongst each other.

On behalf of the Fighting Eagles, we would like to thank you for your support.  All funds generated from this sale directly impact the 150 Soldiers of Bravo Company and their families.  Through your purchase, you are making the difference in the lives of these American Soldiers and their families at home.



1-8 Bravo Company Family Readiness Group<