My Hero. My Son. Bradley J. Conn.

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I am the Proud father of Bradley J. Conn, he is 21years old and assigned to the 472 M.P. Company, out of Fairbanks, Alaska. Brad is serving his second tour of duty in Iraq, and will be re enlisting on may 30th. brad served his first enlistment with an armored maintance company in 2008 and when he returned to the states he wanted to serve his fellow service men and women as a combat medic. Brad graduated in february 2010 from Fort Sam Houston, Texas Combat Medical training. he was assigned to his present unit and is now Proudly Serving a second tour in the area of Ramadhi Iraq. Brad Loves the army and plans on making this his life calling. He is truly an outstanding young Man, Brad is a HERO to me and to his friends.

Preston D. Conn

Proud Father, Firefighter/Parame