From the Wheelers for the Wounded event

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Fellow Patriots:

At our "Wheelers for the Wounded" event, May 1, 2010, we had the pleasure of meeting / recruiting Patriot Jason Worsdale as a member of Chapter 1919.  He is a medically retired Wounded Warrior.  The Hero Bracelet that he is holding in the picture is the one that my wife selected at a presentation by the folks from Hero Bracelets; at our event at the Weeden's in Driftwood.  When Jason saw the Hero Bracelet he inquired as to where it came from.  I asked if he knew the Hero represented and it turned out to be one of the Patriots that was a KIA from his command.  Jason was with him on that date.  Needless to say the Hero Bracelet became his to remember his fallen friend.

In communication with Jason it appears he not only enjoyed the Wheelers for the Wounded event -- he got hooked.  Please read the exchange of our e-mails below.  Seems as though Jason has a "project vehicle".  If any of you have suitable parts that are just lying around collecting dust; other items to help him achieve his project goal; or words of encouragement; please join us in helping Jason make his project a memorable one.

Jason Worsdale

Jason Wordsdale<