Help a Squadron Honor their Fallen !

HeroBracelets Community,

My name is Matt Pianalto.  I am a C-17 Aircraft Commander and Captain in the USAF.  and first I want to thank this organization for it's support and charity.  I would also like to ask each and every one of you to please read the following and consider getting involved for a great opportunity to support some of our nation's most courageous warriors.

I was the Aircraft Commander for the flight bringing two fallen Airmen home to their families after they were killed in Afghanistan on 26 August 2015.  This also happened to be the last mission I will fly as a C-17 pilot before moving on to my next assignment, and it was a very moving and humbling way to finish my C-17 career.  

After returning these two fallen heroes to their families, one of the fallen's commanders reached out to me and thanked me personally for flying his teammate home.  I was very moved by his action and wanted to do something for both his unit and the unit of the other fallen hero, which is why I come to you today.  I want to send their units hero bracelets honoring their fallen brothers so that they nor their sacrifices will ever be forgotten.  Our special forces community does some incredibly dangerous missions without asking for attention or even a thank you, so hopefully this will help us all show them how much we appreciate and support them, especially in this very difficult time.

A news article about these two heroes can be read at the following link:

I come to you all to humbly request any donations you would be willing to give to help offset the cost of hundreds of these bracelets.  Unfortunately, I am not able to pay for all of them myself despite a very generous discount from the HeroBracelets staff.  I can accept PayPal donations to the following link: 

Please contact me if you would like to ask any questions or have any comments or questions, thank you very much.


Capt Matthew J. Pianalto, USAF